Evolution to the future. We have the honor of playing a part in aerospace industry.

HTV Structual Assembly Aerospace Department

Our core technology is the manufacturers of Aerospace structure with high quality based on 30 years experience.
We concentrate our technology which has been cultivated through structural assembly for aerospace on this KOUNOTORI assembly.

Control System Technology System Product Department

We are acquiring many experiences on electric, hydraulic and pneumatic control technologies. Our test equipment and special products cover aerospace, automobile, railroad and other industrial fields. We are synthetically doing planning, design, manufacturing, installation, adjustments and functional test.

Special Packing Service Logistics Department

Logistics Department of TOHMEI Ind., Since our establishment, we are acquiring many experiences on packaging technologies. Based on our policy of "Flight Safety", we will propose the best packing technology for your products in accordance with the product’s property, transportation, and the storage conditions.


Our integrated design system is to allow concurrent work of design and analysis. As one of TOHMEI GROUP company, we mobilize all out and can provide the examination of aerospace structure and design/analysis for advanced composite materials.

Advanced Composite Product

TOHMEI Group is also offering to serve Advanced Composite Design-to-product incl.paint.

Major Facility for Composite

In order to provide composite products, TOHMEI Group has a variety of equipment.

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TOHMEI group web-site Renewed. Please see our products and solutions.  

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